Facts About Overwater Bungalows: Interesting and Mind Blowing Facts About Overwater Villas

What is a perfect vacation idea according to you? A vacation is best when your mind and heart is where your body is. Basically it is like a spa for your soul. This rejuvenation of your mind and body is only possible when you are able to come out of your routine at a destination which can absorb your senses completely. Overwater Bungalows is one such idea of a perfect vacation, let’s understand why. Firstly obviously the location, the luxury and the bliss that comes with such a stay. Secondly, you are so far off from your daily life that you know you have no choice to leave things for some time now.

One more fun fact that, you spend so much on this secluded charming madness that every hard earned penny of your screams for its worth. Jokes apart there is lot more about Overwater Bungalows/Villas vacation that you must know if you are planning one for you and also to make you realize why you really need one. Keep scrolling to check these Interesting and Mind Blowing Facts About Overwater Villas/Bungalows.

Facts About Overwater Bungalows
Facts About Overwater Bungalows, Image Credit: Angsana Velavaru Resort Maldives

Secluded Location and Perfect Luxury

Overwater Bungalows are usually located in secluded locations. These lavish properties are built over stilts in the water and are also known as Floating Villas. An Interesting Facts About Overwater Villas is that they are called Floating Villas but they don’t really float. Along with utmost privacy it also gives you direct access to enjoy marine life and other water activities with your loved ones. Overwater Bungalows offers mesmerizing Ocean/sea/lagoon views, colorful marine life and coral life to enjoy through glass floor panels, water activities and unbeatable luxury.

Adults Only Overwater Bungalows

There are a lot of resorts that offer Overwater Bungalows stays only to adults. They offer a full size bed that can accommodate only two. They make a perfect holiday destination to spend your honeymoon or to rekindle the romance with your partner.

Maldives has majority of the Overwater Bungalows in the world

The island country has over 1000 coral islands that offer luxury resorts with Overwater Bungalows stays. So it makes ones of the best choices for Overwater stays too but you still cannot ignore the travel time. If your home country is US, you must consider the long travel time too. For example, it takes about 19hours from New York, whole 24 hours from Los Angeles to reach Maldives.

French Polynesia another fine destination to enjoy Overwater Bungalows vacation

You can find amazing Overwater Bungalow Resorts in Bora Bora Island and Tahiti in French Polynesia. The tropical climate and natural beauty of French Polynesia is an absolute delight for Overwater Bungalows vacation. The country makes an awesome choice for holiday makers coming from United States as it may take comparatively less travel time to reach there.

Overwater Bungalow in United States

If you don’t want spend time on travelling much and wish to stay in Overwater Bungalow in US only, there is one for you. Disney Polynesian Villas & Bungalows in Florida offers similar experiences. The luxury offers Overwater Bungalows with private pools and decks and fabulous hospitality. Overwater Bungalows here are suitable for families as well as for couples; they are available in different capacities.

No direct access to water

Some Overwater bungalows do not have the provision for direct access to water. This direct access is usually provided through a staircase or a ladder. Make sure to check one if you really wish to enjoy the real fun of an Overwater Stay.

Overwater Bungalows are Costly affair

A stay at an Overwater Bungalows is comparatively costlier than any regular stay at a resort, credits luxuries offered, airport transfer cost and so on. They may cost as high as USD 4000 for one night. Some may even come with restrictions of minimum number of days too.

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Budget Friendly Overwater Bungalows are available

If you are looking for a budget friendly Overwater Bungalows, there are options available in Maldives, Columbia, Panama and more. Do not lose heart as you there are few resorts that offers Overwater Bungalows between ranges of $ 200 to $500 as well.

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Rains may spoil the show

If it rains during your stay at an Overwater Bungalow, the purpose may be defeated as except for staying indoors or spending time at spas (if available) there is not much you can do here.

Privacy and setup may disappoint you

The setup of some of these Overwater Bungalows is such that it may offer privacy but you can actually hear the noise coming from Overwater Bungalow next to you. So make sure to find one that actually offers privacy of eyes and ears in the real sense. Also, there is one more feature which is glass panel flooring, it may be just a mere set up if the surrounding and marine life beneath your Overwater Bungalow is not as supportive and beautiful. Make sure to inquire and check if you wish to enjoy rich marine experiences and not just the dull glass floor setting.

Overwater Bungalow Wedding

Yes, if you have a dream to get married at a destination like this, there are resorts that offer arrangements for destination wedding too. You may get lucky if there is a chapel nearby your Resort too. Make sure to ask.

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