How do I get to Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives from Male International Airport

It saves a lot of time and effort when you are clear about the details and especially when you are off on a vacation or planning a vacation in the Maldives. This article is dedicated to transferring details about Medhufushi Island Resort from Male International Airport. So, before we begin, let’s read brief info about this elegant property- Medhufushi Island Resort.

Located in the Meemu Atoll, a stay in one of the villas at Medhufushi Island Resort not only offers luxury but magic of the natural serene surroundings of the lagoon. Each villa at Medhufushi Island Resort is well equipped with the finest amenities and offers a rustic vibe of the island country. Transfers from Male International Airport are easy and arranged by the property. Let’s read about it more in detail!

Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives
Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives, Image Credit: Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives

How to Reach Medhufushi Island Resort from Male International Airport

Medhufushi Island Resort is located at an approximate distance of 130 km from Male International Airport. For transfers, you can contact the reservation team of the Medhufushi Island Resort. You can request transfer arrangements online or as well on phone.

To enjoy smooth and delay-free transfer arrangements, we recommend sharing your flight schedules with the property well in time, a minimum of three days period in advance is highly recommended. Let’s read about the available mode of transfer!

Transfers by Seaplane

To reach Medhufushi Island Resort from Male International Airport, guests get arrangements by Seaplane. A Seaplane takes 40-minute approximately to cover the distance between Medhufushi Island Resort and Male International Airport. The transfers are arranged at an additional transfer charge which is not inclusive of the tariff. Let’s read about the transfer charges!

Seaplane Transfer Charges from 1st Mar 2022- 31st Oct 2022

  • Adult: USD 411 per adult for a roundtrip
  • Child: USD 244 per child for a roundtrip

Seaplane Transfer Charges from 1st Nov 2022- 31st Oct 2023

  • Adult: USD 416 per adult for a roundtrip
  • Child: USD 247 per child for a roundtrip

Additional Info & Baggage Info

As Seaplane transfers are available only during day time, for arrival flights, Seaplane transfers can be arranged for flights landing in Male between 06:00hrs and 15:00hrs. For departure flights, Seaplane transfer can be arranged for international flights departing from Male Airport after 09:15 hours. Guest with flight schedules after or before these may have to book a stay nearby Male International Airport at their own expense.

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About Baggage, the maximum luggage limit for a single piece of luggage on a Seaplane is 32 kg. Over this limit, guests will have to consider repacking. Each guest on a Seaplane is entitled to a complimentary baggage allowance. Here are the details:

  • Free Checked-in luggage allowance – 20 kg per passenger.
  • Free Hand luggage – 05 kg per passenger.

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Any excess to this complimentary weight limit is chargeable at the ongoing TMA Charges, i.e. USD 5 per kg.

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