How to Get to Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives [Guide]

Situated on Faafu Atoll, Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives is one of the most preferred destinations for a perfect holiday. A trip to Filitheyo Island Resort is a spectacular and thrilling experience where you would get to enjoy the greeneries of the jungle, bask on the sparkling white sands and infuse the vibrancy of the colorful marine life.

However, it doesn’t end here- on one hand, you get to enjoy the pristine setting that this place offers while on the other hand, you would also get to relish a lavish experience which would be at your disposal. You could enjoy a private dinner under the moonlight or fancy a spa amidst the freshness of the expanse of flora. Keep reading to get more insights on how to reach this beautiful destination.

Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives
Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives, Photo Credit: Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives

By Seaplane+Dhoni Ride Transfer from Male Airport

The first checkpoint for any traveler wishing to get to Filitheyo Island would be Male International Airport. Representatives would then guide you to get confirmation on the transfers, following which you may proceed to the AAA Hotels & Resorts lounge before you board the seaplane.

The seaplane transfer mode is available only between 6 am and 3 pm, and hence you might need to consider booking accommodation if your arrivals are beyond this timeframe. Passengers are required to check-in no later than 2 hours as per International airline policy.

Trans Maldivian Airways provides the resort with seaplane schedules in the evening before arrivals and departures and is an independent operator. Hence, all schedule timings are completely at the discretion of Trans Maldivian Airways.

The journey from Male International Airport (by seaplane) will be approximately 35 minutes long. Flying low over the islands, you could take a glimpse of the vibrant reefs and warm turquoise lagoons around the islands. This trip would be followed by a 15-minute traditional dhoni ride (traditional boat). You will now have reached the much-awaited, breathtaking holiday destination.

The charges for round trip seaplane transfers are listed as follows (Period: 1st Nov 2022- 31st Oct 2023):
Adult: USD 466 roundtrip.
Child : USD 297 roundtrip
Infant (below 2 years): Free

To make a reservation with the world-class customer support, visit this partner page here.

Luggage Allowance:

The luggage allowance is 25 kg for every adult, 20 kg allowed for checked-in luggage, and an additional 5 kg as carry-on luggage. Please note that TMA charges US$5 per additional kg, and the same overweight luggage will be forwarded to the next available flight.

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