How to Get to Hotel Riu Palace Maldives [Best Airport Transfer Guide]

Hotel Riu Palace Maldivas is one of the first names that come up to our minds when we think of having a luxury holiday in a paradise destination. It is a visually spectacular and picturesque tropical island paradise surrounded by water clearer than anywhere else in the world. The luxury resort is located on the private island of Kedhigandu, which is a part of Dhaalu Atoll.

It provides a rich collection of villas– on the beach and overwaters as well, where the guests can have a memorable experience. It might not be enough to just reach the Maldives since most of the resorts are located on various islands. So, keep reading to know more on how to navigate to this dream escapade and what awaits you there.

Hotel Riu Palace Maldives
Hotel Riu Palace Maldives, Photo Credit: Hotel Riu Palace Maldives

By Domestic Flight + Speedboat:

Your first checkpoint will be Male International Airport in the Maldives- 180 km from Dhaalu Atoll. Your hotel reservations will come in handy as you go through immigration checks upon arrival. Next, you need to head on to the domestic flight terminal for the flight taking you to Kudahuvadhoo. After a short trip of 35 minutes, you will land in your dream destination where one of the staff members will escort you to the port. After a 15 minutes speedboat ride you will have reached Hotel Riu Palace Maldivas.

The charges for the round trip on this route are estimated as below:

  • Adult: USD 376 per Adult (inclusive of all taxes)
  • Child (3-12): USD 318 per child (inclusive of all taxes)

By Seaplane Transfer from Male Airport:

You can also choose an alternate medium of transport in the form of Seaplane, which is available at the Seaplane terminal located at Male International Airport.

The charges for the Seaplane route are as follows:

  • Adult: USD 652 per person
  • Child: USD 326 per kid (between 2 to 12 yrs of age)

Please send an advance information of your transfer choice (at least 3 days advance) to the island resort. For reservation at the best price, checkout our page here.

Baggage Information:

You need to keep in mind the baggage restrictions for the domestic flight, which allows you 22kg plus a handbag allowance up to 5kg. For excess weight, you need to pay at the rate of 5 USD per kg.

Once you have reached the resort, only one thing remains- set your mind to “vacation mode” as you get lost in the lavish extravaganza.

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