How to Get to Veligandu Island Resort & Spa [How to Reach Guide]

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa is located in Radu, Maldives. It includes a private beach, a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, and a gym. The resort will provide guests with air-conditioned rooms, free toiletries, a TV with cable channels, and a DVD Player. The rooms at Veligandu Island Resort & Spa also have a seaside view.

This place is a perfect honeymoon destination for both young and old couples. Every morning at Veligandu Island Resort & Spa Breakfast and continental buffet options are available. The resort also has a terrace. Do you want to visit this beautiful travel destination? We shall learn in the following section on How to get to Veligandu Island Resort & Spa.

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa
Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, Photo Credit: Veligandu Maldives

By Seaplane Transfer from Male Airport

To reach Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, you have to catch a flight to Velana International Airport. Trans Maldives Airways (TMA) is the seaplane that will take you to the resort from the Male International Airport. It takes about 20 mins to reach the resort through a seaplane. You are required to pay extra charges for the transfer. Here are the details about the cost.

Charges for seaplane transfer from the Male International Airport for Veligandu Island Resort & Spa.

For Adults= US$360
For children= US$180.

These charges are inclusive of taxes. Also, please inform the resort 72 hours before your visit so that they can book your seat.

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Luggage Information

There are restrictions on the luggage section. You can only carry up to 20 kilos per person to the seaplane without any extra charges. However, even if you have more than 20 kgs, your luggage will reach you by another seaplane to the hotel which will cost you extra.

Additional Transfer Information

Once landed in the Maldives, after completing Immigration and Customs diligence, the visitor will leave the Customs area and enter the Arrivals Hall, passing the nearby Crown & Champa Resorts (CCR, booth #59). The visitor is transferred from the Terminal to the Lounge via bus which takes around 10 minutes.

The seaplane only flies during the day, that is, between 06:00 and 18:00. The airport team requires passengers to enter not less than 2 hours before flight time, so a Veligandu visitor can connect by plane to international flights from the airport after 09:00. Also, the last flight to Veligandu is at 16:00.

Enjoy your stay!

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