Staying in Overwater Bungalows with Kids: Is It Really Safe?

Sipping your first coffee with views of scintillating waves and soothing breeze of ocean, this is just a glimpse of a vacation on an Overwater Bungalow. Imagine when you get a chance to spend your vacation in such a stay and you have to say no as you don’t want to leave your kids at home. Are children allowed in the Overwater Bungalows and villas? Basically it’s a myth as we call it, that you can only enjoy such vacations when you are going alone with your partner.

Resorts these days offer equal fun opportunities to guests of all age groups which mean you can plan vacation with your family including your kids as well. But is it safe to stay with kids in Overwater Bungalows? In this section you can get answer to all your queries related Overwater Bungalows safety with kids and more.

Holiday Inn Maldives Kids Club
Holiday Inn Maldives Kids Club

Do they allow children in the Overwater Villas?

When it comes to stay of kids, it depends on Resort’s policy. Generally each resort has its own policy about guest’s age. Some resorts welcome guests all ages whereas some has restrictions for few age groups like below 12 or below 6. There are also some resorts which are adults only.

If you are planning a vacation with your kids at an Overwater Bungalow, you must check with the selected resort beforehand about same. As with kids there are a lot safety rules which can’t be ignored. If your resort is allowing kids at their Overwater Bungalows, you need to ensure that they have proper safety measures for that too.

Is it really safe for kids to stay in Overwater Bungalows?

This question can be really tricky as with kids you need to be careful no matter what destination you are at. Is it safe to stay in Overwater Bungalows with kids? Yes, Overwater Bungalows are safe for kids but yet supervision is required. If the resort has the policy for kids at their Overwater Bungalow then certainly they need to ensure their safety as well. But its your job to check it if they have it.

Generally, Overwater Bungalow resorts that allow kids make extra preventive measures like putting railings, locks in areas where the safety is most important. Like Overwater Bungalows offers direct access to water through staircase, for kids there must be a provision of lock or railing that cannot be crossed by kids on their own. For the railing and decks of your room also, you must check with resort about proper safety provisions in advance.

Child Playing at Niyama Resort Maldives
Child Playing at Niyama Resort Maldives

How to Stay Safe with Kids?

Staying safe with kids at Overwater Bungalows is not some rocket science that is not easy to understand. Well being a parent you know the tendencies of your kids, so that’s not something you really have to worry about. But then its not your home which has all the provisions as per your use so you must take care of few things in advance before booking your stay. So, there is a small checklist we have made for you to follow and if you do so, your vacation will become one of the most joyous one for you.

  1. Medical kit and emergency tools, you must carry the basic medicines and creams like Sunscreen etc. that work for your kids.
  2. Also carry safety aids like bandages and antiseptic ointment. Generally resorts keep these safety aids but it is better to keep them handy.
  3. You must check with the resort about available food options and especially when your kid is fussy about something. If possible carry such things with you as it may not be available in your nearby proximity.
  4. Safety measures, it is your duty to check with the resort about the safety measures like railing, locks and facilities like babysitting etc in advance. After all it is your vacation too, so check all these in advance.
  5. If you are keen on water activities like snorkeling or diving for kids, you must check with the resort about availability of professional guidance for that in advance.

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